A Levitating Smartwatch Charger? – LIFT

lift charg

Yeah, I know. I had to see it to believe it also. If you weren’t cool enough with your very own smartwatch, now you can purchase a levitating charger. Floating objects are cool by themselves but a floating object that sends electrical currents through the air to charge your watch… doesn’t get any better than that!

How do they do it? They use a propriety induction system that is inspired by Tesla’s ideas about transferring electricity through the ether. They took this idea and adapted into the product they are presenting today.

The whole display has a very futuristic look that will leave an impression on anyone what sees the product.

lift charger

Not only does it charge your smartwatch, but when you are ready to go, you can take the Lift charger with you that serves as a portable power bank. Then when you get back from your weekend away, just toss the lift charger back on its magic, floating pedestal. If you don’t have the lift charger the lift base works as a wireless charger. They also offer an orb (Sold Separately) that acts as a floating lightbulb. The Lift also features a smart charging capability. The charger will completely charge your device to 100% then turn off/on to keep it there and optimize your battery life.

lift orb

As of now, Lift only works with Apple and Pebble smartwatches. It is running a campaign on Kickstarter right now.

If you would like to back their project and be one of the first to own a Lift, click here.