Samsung Introduces Futuristic Feature


The time has come. All of our 90’s kid dreams’ are coming true. First, cars that drive themselves, Google glasses, and now eye scanners. Straight out of a spy movie, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has an iris scanner to allow users to unlock their phone. The infrared camera uses the infrared light that is emitted by the LED of the phone to scan the user’s eyes. In order to activate the eye scanner each time you want to unlock your phone, you have to either use your fingerprint or passcode and then holding the phone about a foot away, the phone will scan your eyes. As cool as the new feature is, it would be quicker to just use the passcode or fingerprint, but IT IS PRETTY COOL. The phone’s other new features include a curved body, metal exterior, a built in GIF program, and the entire phone is waterproof.

More about the new Galaxy Note 7 to come.