How to be “The Very Best” – Pokemon Go

1. Catch ‘Em All

catch them all

Yeah I know this one is obvious… but this one is key. Although you may get sick of catching Pidgeys, Rattatas, and Weedles, you have to if you want to climb up the ladder. Not only do you receive stardust for upgrading Pokemon, you also receive XP for every single Pokemon that you catch. After a night of playing Pokemon you have potential of catching upwards of 100 Pokemon and receiving a minimum of 25 XP from each catch leading you to 2500+ XP. This will easily allow you to grow a level or two a night.

2. Use Your Lucky Eggs Wisely

lucky egg

So what are you going to do with all of the Pokemon that you just caught? Enable a Lucky Egg and evolve them at the end of your “Pokemon catching spree”. REMEMBER TO ONLY EVOLVE AFTER THE LUCKY EGG IS ENABLED! Evolving Pokemon floods you with XP, so what is better then getting double XP from your Lucky Egg and evolving multiple Pokemon. This method is very simple and just uses common sense but is also very effective.

3.Evolve The Easy Pokemon

IMG_3797 2

So you have 76 Pidgeys and 105 Rattatas, now what? Instead of transferring all of them, evolve as much of them as you can then transfer them. You won’t be using your evolutions of Rattata or the Pidgey, so you might as well squeeze as many XP points out of them as you can. Obviously, evolving gives you a ton of XP so when you evolve 15 Pokemon, you will not be hurting for XP.

4.Fight Gyms, Friend or Foe


This method of gaining XP is very fun BUT doesn’t give you a lot of XP. Battling gyms will give you XP but just a tiny bit, about 15 XP. That said, the points add up very very fast and you are also taking over a gym or building your own gym farther. If you have nothing else to do, just camp out at a gym and go crazy.

5.Keep Hatching Those Eggs

egg incubate

Finally, keep hatching your eggs and incubate as many at a time as you can. You are NOT going to benefit from saving your incubators. USE THEM UP! Not only is it exciting to finally hatch a 10Km egg, but it also dumps a significant amount of XP on you. Hatch as many as you can and hatch them frequently.