Pokémon GO Location Hack! (Android)(No Root)

Pokémon GO continues to captivate users even a month and a half after it’s release. A game centered around using GPS location to engage in Pokémon hunting, GO has captured the movement of millions.
However, some are unable to move as easily as others. A recent app release offers a solution to disabled, those without access to any transportation, or just someone who’s a little too lazy. This app uses location spoofing and a provided on-screen joystick to allow players to move freely without actually moving. Locations can be set remotely, and the app brings you there.

Here’s how it works:
First, install the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fly.gps


Now, go to your phone settings, and find your Build Number (usually under About Phone -> Software Info).
Tap on the Build Number times a couple of times. This will engage the Developer settings feature which is available in most Android devices.


Still in settings, travel to your new Developer Settings tab. Find the tab for location spoofing (Select Mock Location App). Set the app to Fake GPS.


Now that youve completed the setup, it’s time to move to the Fake GPS app. Once in the app, it is fairly simple to setup. The first page you’ll see with the app open is a map similar to that of Google Maps. Simply drag to a location to which you would like to start, tap on the location, and select run (With the Pokémon GO joystick option).


I find Disney in California to be particularly full of both pokemon and lures 24/7.


Once the location is set, it is fine to move to your Pokémon GO app. From within the app, use the joystick to move your character, and from the comfort of your own home, too. Enjoy!

Beware: Niantic Labs (who run Pokemon GO) are now putting out some hard bans on spoofing accounts. Use this process at your own discretion. This is an article for education only. Tech-Know Judge is not liable for any loss of data or account bans.