Tangram’s new Smart Rope now being sold in Apple stores

Apple is carrying the new Smart Jump Rope by Tangram. Should you buy one? No.

Apple stores started carrying Tangram’s latest and greatest creation; The Smart Rope. Using 23 LEDs and magnetic sensors, The Smart Rope displays your jump count mid-air so you can “focus” on your workout. Two sets of ball bearings on each handle give The Smart Rope a smooth and easy jump rope experience. The Smart Rope also relays the data to the Smart Rope app allowing you to record your calories burned, jump count, and workout time. Using The Smart Rope frequently will eventually allow you to unlock rewards within the app. The Rope comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large for the giants out there. The Apple store currently sells the White model, but the Black, Chrome, and Gold models can be purchased from the Tangram website.

Is it worth $89.99 USD?

Short answer: NO.

Unless you have trouble counting higher than ten or need to keep track of every single calorie burned during your exercise, The Smart Rope isn’t needed. Paying 300% more for a couple tech upgrades but overall the same functionality is not appealing. I would stick with a simple jump rope for $10 at almost any retail store.

If you are somehow still interested in buying the Tangram Smart Rope, click here.