iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Leak

From an abnormal source in Vietnam comes the most recent update on the new iPhone 7. As many of you know, it is rumored that Apple will NOT be remodeling the iPhone 7 this year like they did going from the 5s to the 6. Instead, they will just be making a few minor changes to the appearance of their latest flagship. One of these changes rumored to be the removal of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack.iphone 7 jack

Although Apple has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, a short video and leaked images has brought us closer to the unknown truth. Removing the headphone jack is said to allow them to not only make the iPhone thinner and more lightweight, but also provides room for a dual-speaker system. Audio instead will be rerouted through the lighting port providing higher sound quality in return.

We are expecting Apple to unveil the latest iPhone in September in accordance with previous years. All we know about the latest iPhone is that it will be lighter, faster, more efficient, and will have much anticipated IOS 10 pre-installed.

We will keep you updated on the latest from Apple regarding the new iPhone 7.