Review: DRACO Design Ducati 5000mAh Battery Pack in Red

The Draco Design Ducati 5000mAh battery pack is a very high quality battery pack that looks very professional and stunning!


Box contents:

-Ducati 5000mAh battery pack

-Micro USB cable

-Carrying bag

-Instruction manual



The Good:

-5000mAh battery inside

-Dual USB ports (One USB port has a max output of 2.1 amps and the other USB port has a max output of 1 amp) (max output is 2.1 amps when both USB ports are in use) (the USB ports are labeled)

-Micro USB port can be used to charge the battery pack at 1 amp

-Can charge an iPhone 5 2-3 times

-Red metal enclosure and silver metal sides gives the battery pack a profession and stunning look

-Large “Ducati” logo/text on the top of the battery pack looks very nice (text is chrome in color)

-Power button turns the battery on/off and turns the LED power level lights on/off

-4 LED power level system indicates how much power is left (each LED indicates 25% of the battery’s capacity)

-Has nice triangular designs on top that looks good and you can use the holes to hang it on something

-Very high quality construction


The Bad:

-Very expensive for a 5000mAh battery pack. Draco Design has the Ducati logo on it which makes it an expensive product.

-LED lights are bright when in a dark room

-Ducati logo attracts fingerprints and they are very visible

-Micro USB cable is very thin and short (for such an expensive product I would expect a long and thick cable that is made to last)


Final Verdict

Overall, this is an excellent battery pack and I recommend it! If you are on a low budget, look elsewhere but if you can afford this, I would say buy it.


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I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, for free to keep, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.